Qubit Nebulae V2

Nebulae  is  a  granular  sampler  and  DSP  platform.  Its  phase  vocoder  audio engine  provides  elastic  audio,  which  can  be  time  stretched,  granularized, and  mangled  to  no  end.  With  independent  control  over  pitch  and  speed, and  granular  controls  such  as  overlap,  window,  and  density,  finding  new sonic  territory  is  only  a  knob  turn  away.  Nebulae  can  use  live  audio  input, a  recorded  buffer,  or  audio  files  as  the  source  material  for  its  powerful audio  manipulations.  The  live  input  buffer  can  record  up  to  five  minutes  of stereo  audio  at  48kHz,  24  bit.  In  addition,  up  to  75  MB  of  stereo  audio  can be  loaded  simultaneously  through  the  USB  port.  No  naming  convention  or special  formatting  necessary;  just  plug  and  play.

Nebulae  lives  a  double  life  as  an  open  source  DSP  platform  with  an extensive  library  of  off  the  shelf  alternate  instruments.  You  can  turn  the module  into  a  lush  reverb,  spectral  delay,  or  tape-style  looper  simply  by loading  a  new  file  onto  the  flash  drive.  Do  you  want  to  tweak  one  aspect of  an  existing  instrument,  even  the  default  functionality?  No  problem.  No prior  coding  knowledge  is  necessary  to  tweak  and  refine  existing  firmware to  your  liking  or  start  with  one  of  our  templates.  Alternate  firmware  files can  be  written  with  Pure  Data,  Csound,  SuperCollider,  and  even  bare-bones  C  programs.

Download the Nebulae manual here

Granular  sampler  with  time  stretching  capabilities
5  minute  stereo  recording  buffer  at  48kHz,  24  bit  (In  addition  to  file  playback  buffer)
No  naming  convention  or  special  formatting  necessary  for  file  playback
Supports  Pure  Data,  Csound,  and  SuperCollider  alternate  instrument  files
Ships  with  loaded  USB  flash  drive  ready  to  use
Black  aluminum  front  panel

Tech Specs

Width: 20HP

Depth: 30mm

Power: 318 mA +12V, 7 mA -12V, 0 mA 5V
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Manufacturer Qubit
Status Pre-order
Functionality Granular Sampling, Sampler
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