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The Modular-Modular Case

plus / plus / [from latin plūs, comparative form of multus, ‘a lot’] – ‘a greater amount of number’, ‘more’, used both substantively and adverbially.
PLUS is the first modular case for modular synthesizers. It consists of practical 42HP units that you can combine to create your ideal Eurorack case. You can then top it with your favorite kind of sides: vivid aluminum, or classy wood.

Elegant, yet sober.

The PLUS case is a recognizable piece of design that does not steal the scene from what matters the most: your instruments and your music. We placed all the screws and joints inside the case, allowing the exterior to be just a neat, material surface with a pleasant look and feel.
Light and solid.

The PLUS’ Row Extension units are made of single-body, extruded-aluminum profiles to host modules up to 43mm deep. The sides can be made of premium wood or extruded aluminum, too. Once assembled, PLUS becomes a tight and sturdy case for your modules.
A lifetime companion.

PLUS is a case that follows your artistic evolution. There’s no need to worry about how your system will be like in one, two, or ten years: you may rest assured that you will never need to sell/trade/swap your PLUS.
Less planning, more music.

Your creativity does not deserve to be confined in a tight space. If your inspiration leads you to a new module that doesn’t fit your free HP, just get it: another Row Extension Unit will expand your case accordingly.


PLUS is the first modular-modular case for Euro-rack synthesizers. It is built of practical, 42-HP units that can be assembled together in almost infinite configurations.

The modular synthesizer is a “liquid” instrument: it does not have a fixed shape, but it is molded by the musician’s needs and by the case it is mounted in—and it can change over time.

For this reason, of the struggles of the modular synthetists is that their case may become too small or too large for the instrument that they have in mind.

PLUS was designed to solve this problem. With its flexible architecture, it can grow or shrink according to the shape of the modular synthesizer it hosts. PLUS is a case that grows in space, but also in time, following the creative direction of the artists.

However, problem solving was not the only reason behind PLUS. It is also designed to be solid and el-egant, through extruded aluminum pieces joint to-gether with no visible screws.

As of today, there are four parts that can compose a PLUS case: two kinds of units, which are the main body of the case, and and two kind of sides that can close it.


Size each PLUS module is 42HP
Max Depth Available 43mm
Power compatible with any power module up to 43 mm deep, and of course compatible with SILTA

Options, how to order:

1. Choose either buy now, or if not available Pre-order
2. Choose your favourite color side panel, or no side panels
3. Choose 1 Piece, 2 Pieces or 4 Pieces in total

Please note: If you choose 4 pieces and the side panels options you will only receive 2 side panels. If you'd require more (to build multiple cases) please order seperate.
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