Erica Synths Pico Drums 2

Pico Drum2 is compact yet versatile percussion synthesizer in a 3 HP eurorack module. It features 8 drum synthesis algorithms created to deliver distinct sounds to your modular system. Each algorithm offers a lot of flexibility therefore a big sounding bass drum and a squelchy snare can be dialled in within the same algorithm. It also tracks 1V/Oct and all parameters can be mapped to the CV1 input.

8 percussion algorithms
3 parameters per algorithm
1V/Oct tracking
CV control over all parameters
CV controlled algorithm switching
Input protection against over voltage
Protection against reverse PSU connection

Technical specifications:

Output level 10Vptp
CV level (full span) -5V - +5V
Power consumption +28mA, -5mA
Module width 3HP
Module depth 35mm
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Status In stock
Manufacturer Erica Synths
Functionality Sampler, Drum machine
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