ALM Busy Circuits H.P.O

HPO: Headphone Output

The ‘HPO’ is an affordable super slim and skiff friendly no frills stereo headphone driver output for your modular synthesiser. Includes a volume control and ability to double up a mono signal into stereo. A great use for that left over 2hp in a skiff or larger system.

Give loved ones, friends and acquaintances a break from your musical ‘genius’, the HPO offers a solitary cell for focused creativity impregnable from undeserving non believers.


Optional dual channel inputs
3.5mm stereo jack output
Volume control
Low noise, good sounding
Skiff friendly depth

Technical Specifications

Supply: +12V 5mA / -12V 5mA
Size: 2HP
In stock
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Manufacturer ALM Busy Circuits
Status In stock
Functionality Utility, I/O Interface
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